Making a Builderoo theme is fun and easy. There 3 types of components that make up a theme.

  • layouts: The layouts folder contains React components that represent the layout of the pages. These are components that hold things like header, navigation, footer etc. Normally, a theme just needs one layout.
  • sections: A section is a building block of the different pages. Each file in this folder is a React component that represent a section/row in the pages.
  • pages: These are json files that are used to compose the pages using a layout component and one or more section component.

Project Structure

    • MainLayout.jsx
    • TextSection.jsx
    • ProductDetail.jsx
    • index.json
    • product.json
    • cart.json
    • products.js
    • collections.js
    • menu.js
  • package.json
  • next.config.js
  • The project structure also has the following folders

    • data. This folder contains dummy data that are used during the theme development.