Going live

Using Your Theme in Production

Once you’ve finished the development and ready to use your theme in a live store, follow these steps to publish your theme.

Pre-release check list

  1. Check if you haven’t forgotten to define props, blocks and the config.
  2. Check if you have properly defined the version number, or updated the version number in case of an update.
  3. Check your section preview images.

Preparing the theme package

  1. Make a zip file containing your source codes.
  2. Do not add the .next, node_modules or any other directory that’s not part of your source code.
  3. The maximum size of the zip file is 10MB. This should be sufficient if your images are properly resized and optimized.

Publishing your theme

  1. Login to the Admin Panel > Website > Themes page.
  2. Click on Upload a new theme and upload the previously prepared zip file.
  3. Once processing is done, open the Theme in the Visual Editor.
  4. Make your changes, preview and save.
  5. Set your theme as the default theme.