Custom Pages

Custom Pages

There are various types of custom pages

Built-in custom pages in theme

You can add page json files at specific paths to have built-in custom pages with your theme. For example:

File pathCorresponding URL







Basic custom page

Basic custom pages are pages that can be quickly created from the merchant panel with some text. So this type of custom page can only contain one component that has dynamic props. This file must be named custom.json

  "layout": {
    "component": "DefaultLayout"
  "sections": [
      "component": "Custom",
      "props": {
        "title": "",
        "content": ""

Merchant generated custom page

Merchants can add new custom pages from the Merchant panel using the sections in the theme.

:::info Merchants can always customize all the page types described above from the Merchant panel including the url path of the built-in custom pages. :::